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Basic SEO Overview Infographic & Internet Marketing Class

Of course it is exciting that it is finals week, in our Internet Marketing class we created a SEO and internet marketing website. In which we had our final projects posted, either articles or an infographic about a topic relating to the class. I contemplated on what my project was going to be about, well what have we talked about all quarter? The basics of SEO, so what better then to do an infographic of basic SEO overview. In this infographic I went over link building, keyword research, and page optimization. Which I found to be what I have learned the most about in this class, though it isn’t the only things we learned about. We all then promoted our own post and helped others in the class promote theirs as well. Learning how important it is to get links to your post, and seeing in the end how many social shares we got off of everything. This was an eye opening experience and I am glad that Ross Jones from 2thetop design was here to teach us what there is to learn about SEO, I know I have learned a lot of information that will help me once I start any kind of project in the future.


Internet Marketing Class Gets a Guest Speaker

A few nights ago in my internet marking class we had the pleasure to have Peter McDermott come and talk to us about Google plus. Of course there are multiple different kinds of social media out there but he explained how G+ had so many more options to it. Honestly the options are limitless it seems. There is a way to stream live with at most nine other people on a Google hangout, but you can also have the discussion while it is going on on YouTube for others to comment on what you are talking about or ask questions. How cool is that? All in all I learned quite a bit from Peter McDermott‘s presentation, I may just become more of a G+ fan then a Facebook fan yet…

Nashville Nashville and the Cannery Ballroom

I have a class this quarter in which we are learning the in’s and out’s of SEO, or search engine optimization. In this class, as a class we are creating this nifty little site called Nashville Nashville, in which we have to create reviews about different resturants or places around nashville. If you haven’t checked it out you should totally do so. Also if you interested in music you should check out this blog post about Cannery Ballroom in Nashville TN.

Up, up and away with nashville web design

2thetop, is what I should say. The owner of 2thetopdesign is not only is a professor at AI, but he is also a wizz at SEO, search engine optimization. But he is also in the top ten google search for Nashville web design.  How may you ask is he in the top ten on google for that? Well if your interested there is a little group that gets together the last thursday of every month and discusses trending topics about SEO. So next time your just surfing the web, or maybe looking  for a local web designer in nashville, just look up nashville web design, and keep your eyes on 2thetop!

How to change your eye color (photoshop)

How to upload

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